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Education Specialist Solicitors

At Home-School Tutoring, we arrange specialist tuition commissioned by solicitors on behalf of accident injury clients. 

We strive to offer not just academic support, but also emotional and behavioural support. 

Our thoroughly-vetted, experienced tutors are committed to helping young people achieve their best.


Ensuring young people are safe during our tutor sessions is a priority for us. We conduct rigorous background checks to establish a tutor’s identity and qualifications. 

All tutors have up-to-date Enhanced DBS certificates and we seek professional references. 

Expert Support

Tutors support cognitive, executive functioning skills and communication issues.

Personalised Learning

Tailored teaching methods to help every child reach their potential.

Engaging Approach

Our tutors adapt teaching methods to suit each child's unique learning needs.

Goals and Targets

We work closely with Keyworkers and SENCos to deliver safe and consistent tuition. Tutors understand that children with a childhood acquired brain injuries can struggle to keep up with the fast-paced curriculum at school. They work to make sure any gaps in learning are filled, while offering gentle support and encouragement.

Case Study: Mia

Home-School Tutoring was contacted by an education specialist solicitor to provide KS2 tuition for Mia*. Mia sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Seven months after her accident, she returned to mainstream school, but had missed most of Year 4.

She becomes easily fatigued, finds it difficult to focus for a long time and has difficulty processing instructions. Consequently her confidence was low and she often became frustrated, especially when she needed to complete homework.

Home-School Tutoring have supplied a tutor who works with her once a week at home. The tutor acknowledges that it has been a learning process for her too, but she has adapted her approach to provide the help Mia needs. 

Mia still sometimes becomes frustrated and disappointed with herself when she cannot keep up with her peers. She also often feels proud of her determination to keep trying.


*Name changed for confidentiality

Case Study: Noah

Noah* is a 16-year old who was hit by a car on his way home from school when he was 14. After extensive neurorehabilitation, he was keen to go back to his former school, but had difficulty coping with the demands of GCSEs. He was argumentative with his teachers and refused the help of his full-time TA. He described himself as an ‘angry failure’.

Home-School Tutoring was approached by a solicitor working on Noah’s behalf to provide one-to-one tuition in Maths, English and  Science at his school. 

Noah got on very well with both his specialist tutors who encouraged him verbalise his feelings and take ‘tiny bites’ of learning to stop him feeling overwhelmed. 

With the tutors’ dynamic guidance and support, Noah passed Functional Skills level 1 in Maths and is currently working towards Functional Skills English.


*Name changed for confidentiality

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I had been a private tutor for many years before taking over Home-School Tutoring Sussex and Kent. During this time, I worked with children with a range of learning difficulties. I soon realised that emotional support and encouragement were as important as academic input. My pupils also taught me that SEN children and young people have incredible strengths and talents. It is a privilege for me to assist them so they can have the support, respect and success they deserve.

Victoria Bharj

Area Advisor and Tutor Manager Sussex and Kent