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Struggles to Success

History can be fascinating but challenging. If your child is struggling, a tutor can help. They can provide personalized attention and help your child understand concepts, research, and writing. 

Our tutors help with all levels of history – from primary school to university.

Better Grades

Our experienced tutors know exam techniques. They know what types of questions are typically asked, how to answer them effectively, and how to manage time wisely. 

They can also help students develop their own exam techniques and strategies, giving your child the best chance for exam success.

Personalised Attention

Our tutors provide one-to-one attention for your child. 

They tailor their teaching methods to each child’s learning style, pace, and needs for faster and more effective learning.

Customised Learning Plans

A personalised learning plan targets your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 

This ensures that they are covering the necessary material while addressing areas that need improvement.

Clarification of Concepts

Tutors can explain complex history concepts in ways that are easy to understand and clear up any confusion. 

Students are encouraged to ask questions so they can get immediate answers.

Exam Preparation

Whether it is for GCSEs, IGCSEs or A-Levels, tutors provide targeted preparation. They focus on how to structure answers to maximise marks.

They help young people avoid the most common exam mistakes, allowing them to achieve their best possible grade.

Mastering Exam Questions

Tutors can help students understand the meaning of exam questions and identify the key information that is being asked for.

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