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Achieve Success in Computer Science

with the guidance of our skilled tutors

Overcome Overwhelm

In the digital era, every industry requires the expertise of computer scientists. Studying computer science can be financially rewarding and lead to great job opportunities.

However, students often find it difficult to understand the course material and feel overwhelmed at the complex topics they need to master.

Transform Struggles

At Home-School Tutoring, we have excellent tutors who can explain challenging concepts.

By going through past papers and examples together, having students practice and troubleshoot until they get it right, our tutors offer practical support and encouragement.

Personalised Attention

Our tutors give individual attention to every student.

They adapt teaching methods to fit each learner’s style, pace, and needs. This leads to faster and better learning.

Customised Learning Plans

A tailored learning plan focuses on a student’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

This guarantees they cover essential material while tackling areas that require improvement.

Clarification of Concepts

Tutors make complex computing concepts easy to understand and clarify any confusion.

Students can ask questions for immediate answers so they can make faster progress.

Exam Preparation

Tutors offer focused preparation for GCSEs or A-Levels.

They know the key exam topics and strategies to boost scores. This support aids students in achieving their highest grades.

Proven techniques

Our tutors use effective methods to assist students in learning and remembering information.

They employ active learning, spaced repetition, and problem-solving.


All Exam Boards

Effective preparation for:

Curriculum Coverage

Algorithms (computational thinking)


Data representation

Computer systems

Computer networks

Cyber security

Relational databases and structured query language (SQL)

Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society, including issues of privacy

Data structures

Systematic approach to problem solving

Theory of computation

Computer organisation and architecture

Consequences of uses of computing

Turn struggles into success

supportive tuition for all levels and abilities

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