Home-School Tutoring Sussex and Kent

Data Protection and Privacy Policy Statement


Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy statement serves as a commitment to respecting your privacy rights and ensuring compliance with legal safeguards concerning your personal data.

This Privacy Policy Provides Clarity On:

  1. How we handle your personal data.
  2. The valid reasons for sharing your personal data.
  3. Our research and marketing practices.
  4. How to reach us for personal data review or removal.


Safeguarding Your Personal Data: Tutors and Clients

We place a strong emphasis on protecting the privacy and security of personal data provided by Tutors and Clients, whether during initial contact or registration. Your shared information enables us to maintain effective relationships with individuals, organizations, and businesses, ultimately allowing us to provide the highest level of service and advice.

Legitimate Reasons for Sharing Personal Information of Our Tutors and Clients

Our commitment to sharing your personal data aligns with the legitimate needs inherent to our educational support and tutoring services. This ensures that we can efficiently manage inquiries and registrations, enabling the delivery of exceptional tutoring and educational services. Furthermore, we may share your information when contractual obligations exist or when legal requirements mandate such disclosure.

Our Research and Marketing Initiatives: Tutors, Clients, and Website Users

We do not engage in the sale of your data to third parties. Rather, the data we collect may aid us in understanding how clients, tutors, website users, and other inquirers utilize our products and services, empowering us to continually enhance our offerings.

Contacting Us for Personal Data Review or Removal

  1. Tutors and Clients: If you are a registered Tutor or current, we commit to communicating with you for as long as necessary to fulfil our mutual commitments. Should you wish to amend your data, please contact the Area Advisor.
  2. Others (Website Users, Past Tutors, or Past Clients): If you are not presently registered with Home School Tutoring as a Tutor or Client and receive communications from us that you no longer wish to receive, please contact the sender directly, specifying your request to ‘STOP further messages from HST.’ Unless a legitimate need exists for us to contact you, we will remove your details from our database. Failure to request removal will result in the deletion of your information after 7 years.


This policy reflects revisions made in response to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) of May 2018. GDPR requires companies to define their data protection and utilization practices. We have seized this opportunity to thoroughly evaluate and enhance our processes, ensuring that all visitors to our website and clients and tutors using our services can trust the security of their information with Home-School Tutoring Sussex and Kent.