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Is your child struggling with science? We understand how frustrating it can be as a parent when your child falls behind in this critical subject. Science forms the foundation for many career paths, so it’s essential that students develop a strong grasp of concepts like biology, chemistry, and physics.

Our tutors help with all levels of science – from primary school to university.

Boosted Confidence

As your child grasps challenging concepts and demonstrates progress, their confidence in their scientific abilities will grow.


This increased confidence can have positive effects on their overall academic attitude and performance.

Personalised Attention

Our tutors provide one-to-one support for your child. 

They tailor their teaching methods to each child’s learning style, pace, and needs for faster and more effective learning.

Customised Learning Plans

A personalised learning plan targets your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 

This ensures that they are covering the necessary material while addressing areas that need improvement.

Clarification of Concepts

Tutors can explain complex scientific concepts in ways that are easy to understand and clear up any confusion. 

Students are encouraged to ask questions so they can get immediate answers.

Exam Preparation

Whether it is  GCSEs, IGCSEs,      A-Levels or IB, tutors provide targeted preparation. They know the most commonly examined topics and how to maximise marks.

This helps children and young people achieve their best possible grade.

Improved study skills

A tutor’s supportive and patient approach can help your child develop vital skills that they can transfer to all their future learning.

Our tutors are passionate about their subjects, which fosters an interest in science in their students.

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