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Master Computing

with Our Expert Tutors

No more confusion

Is your teenager struggling to understand computing? Do they feel lost and confused in classes? If so, our computer studies tuition can help.

We offer personalised tutoring and tailored learning plans to help them master the material and succeed in their studies.

We help them to understand the concepts, solve the problems, and build the skills that are needed to succeed.


Boosted Confidence

With our help, your teen will no longer be confused about computer studies. They will have the confidence and knowledge to succeed in their classes and beyond.

Personalised Attention

Our tutors provide one-to-one attention for your teenager. 

They tailor their teaching methods to each child’s learning style, pace, and needs for faster and more effective learning.

Customised Learning Plans

A personalised learning plan targets your teen’s specific strengths and weaknesses. 

This ensures that they are covering the necessary material while addressing areas that need improvement.

Clarification of Concepts

Tutors can explain complex computing concepts in ways that are easy to understand and clear up any confusion. 

Students are encouraged to ask questions so they can get immediate answers.

Exam Preparation

Whether it is Functional Skills, GCSEs, IGCSEs or A-Levels, tutors provide targeted preparation. They know the most commonly examined topics and how to maximise marks.

This helps young people achieve their best possible grade.

Proven techniques

Our tutors use proven techniques to help students learn and retain information. This includes active learning, spaced repetition, and problem-solving.

How we can help your child succeed

Supportive, effective tuition for all ages

KS1, KS2 and KS3

Master the basic skills

Functional Skills, GCSE and IGCSE

Ensuring the best grades


Complex Curriculum Mastery


All Exam Boards

Effective preparation for:

Curriculum Coverage

  • Hardware and software
  • Data representation and processing
  • Programming
  • Information systems
  • Computer networks
  • The impact of computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web development
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Computer systems
  • Algorithms and problem solving
  • Software engineering

Turn struggles into success

supportive tuition for all levels and abilities

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