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School Anxiety

At Home-School Tutoring, we believe that a child’s mental health is more important than their academic progress. 

We strive to offer not just academic support, but also emotional and behavioural support. 

Our thoroughly vetted, experienced tutors are committed to helping young people achieve their best.


Ensuring young people are safe during our tutor sessions is a priority for us. We conduct rigorous background checks to establish a tutor’s identity and qualifications. 

All tutors have up-to-date Fully Enhanced DBS certificates and we seek professional references. 

Holistic Support

We know that to make academic progress, we must support prioritise emotional wellbeing.

Personalised Learning

Tailored teaching methods to help every child reach their potential.

Engaging Approach

Our tutors adapt teaching methods to suit each child's unique learning needs.

Goals and Targets

We work closely with parents, Keyworkers and SENCos to deliver safe and consistent tuition. Children who suffer from anxiety need a tutor who is flexible yet encouraging. Our tutors work to make sure gaps in learning are filled, while offering gentle support and inspiration.

Understanding Your Child's Needs

At Home-School Tutoring Sussex and Kent, we want to provide the best possible tutoring experience for your child. That’s why we take the time to understand their unique needs.

We use a short questionnaire inspired by the Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale to help us get to know your child’s worries and concerns. This questionnaire is not a clinical diagnosis, but it can give us valuable insights into their concerns and anxieties.* We invite parents to complete a version of the questionnaire about their child to help us get a more rounded view of how we can help your child to thrive in our tutoring sessions.

By understanding your child’s fears, we can create a nurturing and comfortable learning environment where they can thrive. We want them to feel confident and supported, so they can reach their full potential.

We believe that every child deserves a positive and enriching learning journey. Our questionnaire is just one way we work to achieve that goal.

If you are interested in learning more about our tutoring services, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect, supportive for your child.

*We are not a counseling service and are not able to do a psychological assessment. If you are concerned about your child’s mental health, please reach out to a qualified professional.

Case Study: Abigail

Home-School Tutoring was contacted by Abigail’s* parents to provide tuition for their daughter who was in Year 11 and due to take her GCSEs. Abigail was suffering from severe anxiety and was unable to attend school. She wanted to go back, but felt unable to walk into the building for fear of having a panic attack and being embarrassed in front of her peers.

Abigail chose to have tutor sessions in her tutor’s home office but with one of her parents in the room. After several months, she asked them to wait in the car for her instead. 

Abigail made great progress with her tutor and went on to take three GCSEs of which she passed two. For her, it was an amazing achievement and she has since applied for a college place to study animal management. 

*Name changed for confidentiality


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Robust Safeguarding Policy

For your peace of mind

I have worked as a private tutor for many years and often worked with children suffering from anxiety. By listening to them and respecting their concerns instead of dismissing them, I have had the privilege of helping some of the most talented and intelligent people I know. I remember every one of my students and am immensely proud of the progress they have made.

Victoria Bharj

Area Advisor and Tutor Manager Sussex and Kent