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The November resits are a chance for students to improve their grades after the summer exams. This year’s grade boundaries were higher than in previous years, so many students were more harshly treated even though they missed a lot of schooling due to the pandemic. If your child missed out on a pass by a few marks, it may be worth considering a resit.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to do November resits for your child:

· How much did your child miss out on during the pandemic? If they were unable to attend school for a significant period of time, they may need to do a lot of catching up before they can resit their exams. Is that feasible in less than 10 weeks?

· How can you help your child with resits? Without some extra help from someone, your child is unlikely to succeed. They only know the methods they tried before, and they have just had a long summer break so will have forgotten some key skills.

If you’ve decided that November resits are right for your child, there are a few things you can do to improve their chances of success:

· Get a tutor. An experienced tutor can help your child identify their weaknesses, develop a study plan, and prepare for the exams.

· Start revising early. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. The sooner your child starts, the more time they’ll have to learn the material, consolidate it and master the skills they need.

· Take practice exams. These exams are a great way to get familiar with the format of the exams and to identify areas where your child needs to improve.

· Stay motivated. Resits can be challenging, but it’s important to stay motivated. Set small goals for your child and celebrate their successes along the way.

If you’re considering doing November resits for your child, talk to a tutoring agency. They can help you assess your options and offer invaluable support and guidance.

How an experienced tutor can help:

· Knowing the most likely topics to come up. The tutor will be familiar with the exam syllabus and will be able to help your child focus their studies on the most important topics.

· Helping your child maximise their marks. The tutor will be able to teach your child how to answer exam questions effectively and how to avoid making common mistakes.

· Helping your child revise and fill gaps in knowledge. The tutor will work with your child to create a personalised study plan that addresses their specific needs.

If you’re considering doing November resits for your child, contact Home-School Tutoring Sussex and Kent for a free consultation. With the right help, your child can improve their grades and achieve their goals.